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Women's  Workshops

No upcoming events at the moment
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"This is such a unique and nurturing class. I felt as though I was able to unfold in the warmth of the space, and through guided meditation, story and discussion, know myself a little better. A real gem and such a pleasure." 


"A beautifully choreographed experience which took me out of my everyday. Couldn’t ask for more in the darker days. Thank you Alice Laskey I will surely book on your next one!"


"I loved this workshop. I came away feeling nourished and connected - not only to women in the workshop, but with the men and women throughout history who have carried these stories forward to the modern day."


"This workshop was the perfect pause to reconnect with self and soul. I definitely recommend it! Alice creates a safe and gentle space for exploration to begin."


"The delicacy and authenticity with which Alice held the space were just wonderful. She created an environment of reflection, creativity and calm, where a group of strangers felt grounded, deeply connected and inspired to think differently about our place in the world."


"This workshop opened my eyes to a brand new world... Thank you Alice for this wonderful workshop that allowed me to dig deep inside myself... It was an affirmation that I don't have to conform to what society expects of me. I am free to be me."


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